1. Navajo Nation


Taught by his elders the ways of Mother Earth
Fought for a country that threw away his worth
Mud on his pants and blood on his shirt
Homeless in the city

I was working the south side for the local VA
He was hangin with the homeless natives just a fifth away
From oblivion or heaven flip a coin come what may
Homeless in the city

He spoke of Navajo Nation
Being one with the land
Of rotting foundations
Said we’ve got to make a stand
Coyote’s waiting always hungry
And he’ll sow what he reaps
You you can’t wake a person
Pretending to sleep

I got him a place off MLK avenue
Infested just like roaches once the word on the street grew
He was their mat for the doorway, kept him high until he flew
Homeless in the city

boxcars and bridges and stone cold underpasses

Survival of the fittest this Marine has better chances

Off the res where devils dine and dance on Manuelito’s grave

The long walk’s never ending is there nothing more to say