1. Never Alone

A song for all of the new "empty nesters" yes all us parents will deal with it sooner or later.


I wrote this song so it could lift you up
I wrote this song hoping to fill your cup
Cause you think it’s the end but it’s just a bend in the road

A circus juggler had nothing on you
Ya better run when you protected your brood
You gave all of yourself to our kids
And this kid too

Tiny footprints forever in the sidewalk
No more fingers in the cookie dough
The nest is empty it’s ok to be afraid but
You’re not alone
You’re not alone

You say who am I now and where am I going?
I tell you I love you so don’t bother knowing
Stick with me in the moment and we’ll be ok

Do you remember when it was just me and you
Mountains and rivers and oceans of blue
There was no one to stop us, nothing we couldn’t do

Let’s go back there again, collect some new stories
New places, new faces, and grandchildren born
We’ll re-read the pages, and write the new stages of life
Were not alone